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Young creative minds are immersed in their creative world.


  • Serving Ages: 18 months through 12 years

  • Wholesome Nutritional Meals

  • Comprehensive Before/After School Care with Transport and Enrichment

  • Dedicated Involvement in the Texas Rising Star Program

  • Guided Homework Support

  • Dynamic Summer Camp Adventure

  • Holistic Education: Cognitive, Physical, STEM, Social-Emotional, Creative Expression, Sensory, Gross & Fine Motor Skill Development

  • Skilled and Compassionate Educators

  • Inviting, Warm, Engaging, Positive and Caring Environment

Child Development Services
We're passionate about our Scholars

BRM Academy puts children first by providing exceptional before, after and summer childcare programs that cater to all types of interests and needs. From academic enrichment to fun-filled recess activities, our programs are designed to give kids the tools they need to succeed inside and outside the classroom. Our systematic approach ensures that children receive the attention and engagement they need to thrive, all at an affordable price point.

Literacy and Mathematics


Math, Science and Technology

Peer Connection

Physical Play Indoor/Outdoor

Team Building

Engagement, Choice and Exploration

Social and Emotional Learning

I Do, You Do, We Do!

Homework Help


Self-Directed Inquiry

Hands-on Projects 

TEK Learning

Collaborative Work

Inclusive Care (according to need)

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