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Harnessing Creativity

Kids Blowing Bubbles


What You Need

These programs provides various activities for school age children such as: arts and crafts, drama, field trips, recreation activities, and more.


Here For You

BRM Academy provides our children with skills and framework that fosters learning and development through rigorous planning, activities, and curriculums that stimulates each child we have the honor and privilege of serving. We encourage learning and development through play that is strategically designed with engaging and hands-on experience that aides in developing life and learning skills for future leaders.

Kids Running
Kids Drawing


A Perfect Fit

Our program is provided for ages 5 to 12 years. We provide transportation to and from school in the North Richland Hills, Bedford, Hurst and surrounding areas. Our primary focus is to expound on their learning experience through homework help, math and reading tutoring, and other enrichment programs that enhances their overall learning experience.


What You Need

The adolescent stage is an extreme challenge for most children, and they are faced with jeopardizing their future with making poor choices while creating a chaotic environment at home which greatly impacts the entire family. We have designed and collaborated with others in the community with an enrichment program that range from teenage problems to root causes for behavioral and mental health issues. Our goal is to provided both parents and at-risk youth with resources, tools, and professional help offering intervention and prevention strategies that maximizes on change and results.  We also provide our youth with FREE nutritional meals while in our care.

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